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D-Day: Down to Earth—Return of the 507th

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What was the response to the initial version of the film?
David: We were more than pleased with the initial screenings of what we called the "keepsake" version of our film. Despite what we as filmmakers felt to be its shortcomings, the film seemed to elicit an emotional response with the audience. We discovered that most people were very passionate about honoring veterans, and many young and old have a desire to better understand the war.

Our first official screening of the keepsake version of the film occurred in March of 2003. Our sponsor was interested to gauge the reaction of several 507th veterans, supporters of the project, and close friends. We were honored to have the governor of Georgia attend the screening. As the film concluded, there was a standing ovation—not for the film, but for those 507th World War II veteran paratroopers who were in the audience. The guys had such proud looks on their faces.